Q: What can it do?

Its purpose – promptly notify you about important market changes. Our algorithms can easily detect beginning of pumping, rally or any other unusual activities.

Q: So, should I buy the crypto after receiving notification?

No, we are not sending signals to buy or sell the crypto, we’re providing alerts for analytical purposes, so you should be able to make smart decisions after considering all factors by yourself.

Q: What’s the story behind the project?

We’re international team of crypto traders who initially build this tool for internal usage and after a while decided to put it in public for a symbolic price to cover our AWS bills and other experiments in this area.

Q: What kind of algorithms do you use?

Currently we are analyzing more than 600 pairs from Bittrex and Binance exchanges in real-time. Each pair has its own set of technical indicators, from simple gain analyzers to complicated rally detectors, individually tuned by an industry expert.

Q: Can I set my own algorithm?

We had this feature initially before we went to public, but had to disable it due enormous amounts of computational power it requires. We might enable it eventually, when we get such kind of resources or came up with a sort of throttling.

Q: Do you have mobile app?

No. But feel free to explore our Help page to setup up push notifications on your mobile device or smart speaker using IFTTT.

Q: Do you have API?

No. However, we provide an ability to setup a webhook which will be triggered on each alert.

Q: Do you accept crypto?

Yes. Currently we accept Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin via PayBear payment gateway.

Q: Do you accept Visa / MasterCard / PayPal?


Q: Do I need to sign up?

No. Telegram account is all you need to authenticate. Our service utilizes Telegram Login API to smoothly setup your account without annoying passwords.

Q: Can I login without Telegram account?


Q: What personal data do you store?

We have to store your Telegram login to be able to authenticate you, besides this – nothing. We also have to use Google Analytics, so if you’re not blocking it, some of your web session data may end up in Google, completely anonymous thought.

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