List of all alerts received in the last 24 hours. Each alert includes, latest price, trading volume, price change over the last 24 hours, as well as highest/lowest price. The section is updated in real-time via web socket connection – when new alert arrives the list got refreshed. Single click on an alert opens a summary, which includes a pair's chart from and full history of alerts.

Alert Filtering

Use Settings to setup alert filtering based on pair and exchange. You can combine as many filters as you need using || operator. For details see regular expressions syntax and examples below. Matched pairs will be muted.


Mute all pairs trading on Bittrex:                  BITTREX$
Mute all USDT pairs trading on Bittrex:             USDT:BITTREX$
Mute all USDT pairs trading on Bittrex and Binance: (USDT:BITTREX$)||(USDT:BINANCE$)
Mute all USDT and ETH pairs trading on Bittrex:     (USDT:BITTREX$)||(ETH:BITTREX$)
Mute all LTC pairs:                                 ^LTC
Mute all LTC and BTC pairs:                         (^LTC) || (^BTC)
Mute all pairs:                                     ^$

Webhook and IFTTT Integration

Use Settings to setup additional alerting ways, including IFTTT webhook or a custom webhook to be able to receive notifications on your mobile device or remote server.

Video below will guide you how to setup push notifications using IFTTT.

When new alert arrives, server triggers webhoook URL with the following POST request.

{ "value1" : PAIR_SYMBOL, "value2" : ALERT_DESC, "value3" : PAIR_SUMMARY_URL }


List of all pairs available for analysis along with the trading data from exchanges updated in realtime. Pairs muted by your filters are colored in red.


Price change stats for selected intervals.

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